7 and 7 Yearly Medallion

Suggested retail: $18-$25

7 Stars on the front and 7th Step Prayer on the back

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Introducing our privately minted 7 and 7 Yearly Medallion. It’s available in 1-50 years. We designed this coin to be a fresh alternative to the more common chips seen in the rooms.  It was made to be bigger, heavier, and easier to read.  Each of our 7 and 7 Yearly Medallions comes encased in its own coin capsule. This makes for a great presentation and gift for any milestone.  Some of its highlights are...
  • 7th Step Prayer on the rear
  • 40mm in size
  • 21 grams in weight making it truly "heavy metal"
  • Red, white, and blue patriotic theme including stars and stripes
  • 7 stars on the front symbolic of the 7th Step Prayer
  • Each comes encased in its own coin capsule