Recovery Pride Medallion


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This sobriety chip makes a great recovery gift for anyone celebrating an anniversary in Alcoholics Anonymous or even Narcotics Anonymous. It's bigger and heavier than other AA sobriety chips. Give them sober gifts they'll remember. No more boring recovery chips!

  • Unique in its look and appearance. Multiple colors 🌈 surround the years on front and the expression on the back.
  • Each of these medallions comes in its own coin capsule with a white cushion pad adding extra protection and style.
  • These AA coins make great sobriety gifts 🎁 for anyone celebrating years of Recovery Pride.
  • I Am Who I Am. Proud Of My Recovery. To Love Oneself Is The Beginning Of A Lifelong Journey.
  • These Recovery Pride Coins are 40mm in size, 3mm thick and weigh over 25 grams. True Heavy Metal Sobriety chips.